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Friday, April 19, 2019 
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Keynote Panel: Case Studies and Lessons Learned from Human Centered Design, Rapid Experimentation & Agile

Learn how companies that shifted to the modern Agile/Dev Ops environment made them more responsive to the business and enabled them to create better customer experiences.  Panelists include:  CIOs, CTOs, Chief Innovation Officer, VP of Development

Jennifer Faris Severns Chief Experience Officer American Marketing Association


Neil Goodrich, CIO, M. Holland Company


Alex Welch, Director Business Analytics, E*Trade


Ryan Duritsa, Group Creative Director, Digital, Walgreen Co.


Moderator: Philene Molz, Strategist Principal, Solstice


Innovator's Book Club™ Monthly Webinar Replay

Join our monthly webinar program as Alex Jarett provides an Executive Briefing from our Innovator’s Book Club program.  

Each briefing is a shortened summary of the key concepts in the book. Alex will also provide highlights from our recent Summit Insights Report.

Alex Jarett, CEO & Founder, Technology Executives Club

Alex is the nationally known founder CEO of The Technology Executives Club and publisher of the Club’s online education site Technology Innovation Institute and acts as Executive Director of the Club’s Peer Advisory program.


In this webinar Alex will provide Executive Briefings from :

Dare to Lead 
by Brené Brown

Create a Culture of Innovation by following these "life changing" leadership principles

Be the Business: CIOs in the New Era of IT
by Martha Heller

Best Selling CIO author teaches how top CIOs are leading business change

Customer Experience Report

9 Insights from our recent Summit Insights Report on Customer Experience

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Platinum Peer Advisory Program

Our Platinum Peer Advisory Program includes a Virtual Board of Advisors, Connection Service, Innovator's Book Club™ and Digital Leadership Program







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