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Tuesday, March 26, 2019 
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February 3, 2017

Feb 3, 2017
Noon - 1 pm


Top 10 Competencies of the Modern CIO

Martha Heller, IT executive recruiter and author of The CIO Paradox and Be the Business: CIOs in the New Era of IT Martha Heller, IT executive recruiter and author of The CIO Paradox and Be the Business: CIOs in the New Era of IT

“Communication,” “business acumen,” and “relationship building” are all familiar entries on every “Top CIO Skills” list ever written. While these attributes continue to be important in our current
climate of risk, innovation and IT opportunity, they are just a drop in the bucket. In an era where technology belongs to everyone, the CIO must have so much more.

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Recent Leaderships

  • How A New MidCap CIO Helped Create Growth for His Company

    Neil Goodrich, CIO, M. Holland Company. When CIO Neil Goodrich took his role at M. Holland & Company he was directed to help the company create growth by embracing new technology. Learn how Neil engaged both his team and the company.

  • Leadership Strategies: Communication for Teamwork & Action

    As leaders in technology, we are at the epicenter of the transformation of the global economy into a knowledge-worker economy.  Even the most labor-intensive jobs now require higher skill sets and understanding of technology.  Historical models of management hierarchy and the major talent shift between retiring baby-boomers and Millennials puts the focus on effective communications more than ever.  Communicating for Teamwork and Action puts the focus back on tried and true fundamentals that will benefit any team and and workforce that is shifting in demographic balance.

  • Talent Acquisition: The Fuel for Growth

    Join Kevin Rooney, CEO, Expert Interview

    Learn the reasons to invest in this most critical process of hiring the right talent and the best practices for assessing your candidates We all know how key people are to drive growth for an organization. That is particularly true of tech hires today. Hire the right ones and we ride the rocket ship to the moon (or to Mars!). Hire the wrong ones, and we crash and burn. But how do you assess talent when rule number one of a great leader is to hire people smarter than you?

  • Executing Innovative Ideas Lessons from Silicon Valley

    Olayele Adelakun, Associate Professor of MIS at DePaul UniversityOlayele Adelakun, Associate Professor of MIS at DePaul University

    This presentation will discuss how Silicon Valley companies approaches IT innovation. I will specifically discuss four areas with respect to IT innovation – Product, Process, Leadership and Metrics. I will conclude by discussing the research at the Innovation Development Lad (iD-Lab) at DePaul University

  • Addressing the Nation-State & Black Hat Cyber Terror Frontier

    Jack Pressman, CTO, Cyber Innovation LabsJack Pressman, CTO of Cyber Innovation Labs will discuss these three new cyber security areas for protecting critical infrastructure and Internet threat mitigation: *Threat Isolation * Scada Control Security and * EMP


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