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Monday, July 04, 2022 
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Technology Innovation & Leadership Summit 2016

Driving Digital Transformation through Innovation Process
and Transformational Leadership

Online Training Modules

Driving Innovation by Balancing Risk & Opportunity

Technology is increasingly at the root of modern innovation. However, expectations for innovation to magically stem from new technologies is misguided and misunderstood.  Innovation is often mistaken for invention and the important aspect of monetization is often overlooked in the scope of innovation.  Technologists are often ill-equipped to tackle monetization strategies and are frequently improperly biased to assess the risk-reward balance that is required of entrepreneurial innovation.  And while agile methodologies have brought product development discipline to technology teams, there are still gaps in understanding related to risk vs. opportunity, selling value vs. features as well as monetization models.

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Jim Vaselopulos, Vice President and Partner at PSC Group

Jim Vaselopulos, Sr Vice President, PSC Group

Jim is a seasoned business executive with domain expertise in Financial Services, Marketing, Manufacturing and Service Industries. Jim works closely with many firms to help align business needs and technology for competitive advantage. His many roles include Sr. Vice President at PSC Group, LLC, Interim CIO at several organizations and strategic business consultant to many others


Innovation Process Success Stories - Achieve success by Implementing a Technology Innovation Process

Join a top panel of CIO's, Chief Innovation Officiers and related senior Technology executives as they share how they successfully implemented an Innovation Center or Practice, created a culture of innovation and the processes they implemented for sucess.



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Justin Walsh, Chief Innovation Officer, New World Van Lines

Justin Walsh, Chief Innovation Officer, New World Van Lines

As CINO for New World Van Lines, Justin has a wide range of responsibilities, which include shaping the company's technical vision, aligning business needs with the company's technology capabilities, application/web development, data analysis, ensuring the stability and security of company infrastructure and creating innovative, repeatable solutions to the challenges the company faces.


John Squeo, Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer, Thorek Community Hospital

John Squeo, Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer, Thorek Community Hospital

John  leads the Office of Innovation and is responsible for Business Intelligence, Risk Analytics, IT, Quality Analytics, Digital & Marketing and growth strategies.


Marian Cook, Chief Strategy Officer, Department of Innovation & Technology, State of Illinois

Marian Cook, Chief Strategy Officer, Department of Innovation & Technology, State of Illinois

Marian Cook, Chief Strategy Officer – Enterprise IT, moved to public service in 2015. She started as a Systems Engineer with IBM, reengineering processes, implementing systems and creating business and technology strategies.

Scott Jansen, Vice President, CX Technology Evangelist, Avtex

Moderator: Scott Jansen, Vice President, CX Technology Evangelist, Avtex

Scott Jansen is the Vice President, CX Technology Evangelist at Avtex. In addition, Scott fulfills a role as a Microsoft vTSP, providing roadmap briefings with Microsoft to customers on the future of cloud solutions. 

Digital Business Innovation: The Four Imperatives

Disruptors and innovators are out to eat your lunch. There are four imperatives that they've already mastered that you must embrace to avoid losing market share: The Customer in Control, Accelerate Idea-to-Value, New Tech = New Business Models, and Culture as Enabler. Digital innovation never stops, nor can you. This talk will help you think big by applying the Four Imperatives to your enterprise. Get your business prepared to create sustainable growth in new areas with breakthrough products and services.
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Kelly Manthey, Vice President of Strategy and Innovation at Solstice Mobile

Kelly Manthey, Chief Strategy Officer, Solstice

Kelly Manthey is the Chief Strategy Officer at Solstice. As part of Solstice's executive team, Kelly is responsible for Solstice's global corporate strategy, marketing, digital strategy consulting practice, and new service line development for Solstice's Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality, and Robotics practices. Kelly is actively involved in mentoring the next generation of technology leaders and founded the Women in Technology forum at Solstice as a source of mentorship and support.

Creating a Culture of Innovation at Morningstar

There are two schools of thought for Innovation. One is to create a lab and the other is to create a culture of innovation. Jim will explain how he is working with his team at Morningstar to create a culture of innovation. He will discuss the impediments and common fixes or approaches to converting your organization to a more creative and innovative enterprise. Jim will also discuss the pitfalls to solely using best practices and how to know when it is time to ignore a particular best practice in the interest of true innovation.

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Jim Tanner, Chief Innnovation Officer, Morningstar

Jim Tanner, Chief Innnovation Officer, Morningstar

Jim Tanner joined Morningstar in 2012 as global head of Sales and Business Development, and now serves as their Chief Innovation Officer. Prior to joining Morningstar, Jim was an Executive Vice President of Markit responsible for data distribution services as well as Markit on Demand (previously Wall Street On Demand), a leading provider of services in the design, development and hosting of financial services websites, reports and tools. Jim joined Markit in 2010 when Wall Street on Demand was acquired by Markit. He has 20 years’ experience in the management and display of critical financial information, and has three patents.

Enabling Teams to Create the Future
“We’re not very innovative.” “Our people are really good at doing what they’re told, but not very good at developing new things.”  “Our leadership team gets it, but below that…not so much.”
We hear this a lot.  What if we coached the skills of deliberate creativity like we coach processes like Lean and Agile?  What if diverse teams had the tools to innovate more effectively?  This session will explore those questions and propose ways your organization can grow its innovation power.

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Steve Hammond, Faculty Member, Lake Forest Graduate School of Managemen

Steve Hammond, Faculty Member, Lake Forest Graduate School of Management 

Steve is a faculty member at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. Steve is Principal at  He works at the intersection of learning, innovation, strategy and design.  Steve focuses on leadership development for teams and individuals ranging from young athletes to seasoned executives.  A master facilitator and coach, he combines 30+ years of corporate experience with research in applying deliberate creativity to organizational challenges.

Lessons Learned from Rethinking Customer Experience and Business Process

Learn from area CIO's, Chief Innovation Officers and Senior Technology Executives the lessons learned and success stories from rethinking their customer experiences and business processes.

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Kevin B. Boyd, Chief Information Officer, Information Technology, The University of Chicago, Booth School of Business

Kevin B. Boyd, CIO, The University of Chicago, Booth School of Business

Kevin has responsibility for the technology at Chicago Booth’s campuses in Chicago, London, Singapore and Hong Kong. Prior to coming to Booth, he was the Vice President of Product Management for Tribune Company. Boyd previously served first as a PMO Director and then as Director of Quality Assurance and Testing for CNA Financial in Chicago.


Michael J. Lehman, Chief Information Officer, BatteriesPlus

Michael J. Lehman, Chief Information Officer, Batteries Plus Bulbs

Michael  has been with Batteries Plus Bulbs since 2000, starting as the IT Director, progressing to his current role as Chief Information Officer.  As a Senior Operations and Technology Executive, Michael has helped lead innovative global Supply Chain, eCommerce, and Omni-Channel initiatives. 


Ed Rybicki,Global Chief Information Officer, Merieux NutriSciences

Ed Rybicki, Global Chief Information Officer, Merieux NutriSciences

Highly accomplished and forward-thinking Senior Technology Executive with 20+ years of achievement setting and executing information management strategies and operations for dynamic global corporations. Currently in the role of Global CIO for Merieux Nutrisciences, responsible for all IT activities across the 20 countries and 90 sites of business operations.

Sujal Patel, VP-Group Architect, DigitasLBi

Sujal Patel, VP-Group Architect, DigitasLBi

Sujal Patel leads the Chicago and San Francisco Technology Engineering team, and is a co-lead of the North American Technology Architecture Council for DigitasLBi. Sujal also built out the Chicago Innovation Lab which is an environment where both clients and employees can co-create innovative ideas for real business problems through hands-on work with emerging technology.


Patrick Emmons, Founder of DragonSpears

Moderator: Patrick Emmons, Founder of DragonSpears
Patrick's focus on taking the best of software development methodologies and applying them to building applications that support business goals, has created a solid foundation for the success of DragonSpears. Patrick is an accomplished technical architect who spent the past 15 years as co-founder and COO of Adage Technologies. He is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) and his past has also included work as a developer / consultant for Ameritech, Motorola, and Baker Robbins. 




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