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Monday, July 04, 2022 
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Conference Insights Research Reports

Bimonthly Conference Insight Research Reports provide written conference summaries and insights from each Summit. Our editors review the key findings from each conference and provide an executive briefing report in written format for your review. Includes conference summary, key insights and selected transcript excerpts.

Customer Experience Report

71 Insights for Crafting Great Customer Experiences

This report can be used either independently or alongside our Technology Innovation Executive Briefing, an executive briefing series we’ve created as a companion to each report.

This report is an edited transcript of a briefing presented to our community, summarizing the highlights and insights from a recent Customer Experience Summit in April of 2018. We’ve edited the transcript, so it makes sense as a written document, changing phrases, like “today’s presentation,” to “this report,” but we’ve purposely kept it in conversational tone, to make it a quick and easy read for you.

The format is quite unique, but very helpful. On the left side you’ll see the edited transcript of the briefing. On the right side we’ve included many of he actual slides from the briefing. In this way, you can literally “read the briefing.”





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