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Sunday, March 29, 2020 
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Industry Experts

Only the best industry expert presentations make it to this channel. For each Summit, we ONLY post the highest rated presentations that meet or exceed our channel standards. This is the Members Only area with Premium Online Training. For information on joining the Technology Innovation Institute, please visit the Join page

Keynote Presentation - Gartner 2020 Technology Trends Forecast

Carl Deal, Executive Partner, will be coming straight from Gartner's annual Symposium and will share with you the latest and greatest Refresh Technology Trends from Gartner's Annual Symposium. Carl will combine this presentation with key insights from Gartner's annual CIO Trends Survey.

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Carl Deal,Vice President, Executive Programs, Gartner

Carl  supports CIOs and senior executives across the Global 1000. His primary areas of focus include global technology and business strategic planning, IT business optimization, technology innovation, and business re-engineering.

How a Cognitive Enterprise re-invents from the inside out

A new era of business reinvention is dawning. The 'outside-in' digital transformation focus is giving way to the 'inside-out' potential of reshaped standard business architectures and intelligent workflows thanks to an unprecedented convergence of forces and exponential technologies. This framework has given birth to Cognitive Enterprises who are defining and pursuing a bold vision to realize new sources of value and restructure their industries, missions and business models. Hear how and where executives are focusing on becoming smarter businesses to take advantage of exponential technologies and capitalizing on vast amounts of data to reinvent and transform from within.

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Dan Sutherland, IBM Services, Distinguished Engineer and CTO, Data Platforms/Cognitive Process Transformation

Dan is known for providing exceptional executive leadership as an IBM Distinguished Engineer and Data Platforms CTO. He is an expert at transforming a client's strategic business vision into innovative solutions while exploiting leading edge technologies. An accomplished Chief Solutions Architect, Dan has defined his career by taking on the most challenging and complex assignments focusing on resolving complex data architecture and design issues. He is at his best when advising on very large, high volume data-centric projects where sound data architecture and design techniques are key components to a successful solution implementation.



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