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Monday, February 18, 2019 
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Join the CIO Book Club™ & Online Education Program free for 90 days!

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation & Career by Keeping Up to Date
with the top books in your field … and more!

From the Desk of Alex Jarett, CEO, Technology Executives Club® & Technology Innovation Institute™

Welcome!  If you are a progressive CIO or Senior Technology, Digital or Innovation executive, then you know difficult it can be to keep up with books and trends specific to Digital Transformation, Technology Innovation & Digital Leadership.

As part of working with our members, we’ve been providing insights from our Summits and recommendations for top books for years, but I kept hearing how difficult it is to keep up with these fast moving trends, plus we couldn’t find a single program dedicated the needs of CIOs, and Senior Technology, Digital & Innovation Executives!

So that’s why I invented the CIO Book Club™ and Online Education Program, the only program that Combines the Wisdom of Leading authors with the Insights of your Peers.

If you qualify, I invite you to join for a free, 90 day Trial!

Here’s some of the benefits of this program:

Stay current with best selling authors with our monthly book summary presentations.
Successful executives stay current with best selling authors, but more and more it is difficult to do so.  Our CIO Book Club™ program, helps you stay informed and up to date.

Gain Key Insights & Strategies from highly regarded peers and industry experts.
In addition to our CIO Book Club™, our online education center also hosts all of the Club’s Summits On-Demand, Technology Innovation Briefings, Webinar Briefings and Summit Insights Reports.  All focused on key strategies related to digital transformation and driving growth thru technology innovation and digital leadership.

You and your team will become better leaders.  
Digital leadership is the key to creating a culture of innovation and guiding your company’s digital transformation in an effective manner.  That’s why we make a point to include Digital leadership books and sessions in all of our programming.

Gain speed & confidence in key decision making
By staying current, you’ll know the key strategies you need ahead of time.

Here’s what you get with your 90 day trial:

Complete access for you and your team to ALL of our online education content 24/7. One of the key benefits of this program is that it is for you AND your team (1-5).

CIO Book Club™ specific to Digital Transformation, Technology Innovation & Digital Leadership

Let’s start with our unique CIO Book Summary program. Successful executives must stay current, but keeping up to date is a challenge.  Each month we add a presentation online summarizing and providing highlights from a best selling or classic book or well known journal article specifically in the areas of Digital Transformation, Technology Innovation and Digital leadership.  For longer books, we may break up the presentations into two sections. You can watch or listen to the presentation any time, anywhere. It’s an easy way for busy executives to keep up with this specialized knowledge.

Online Education Program

Executive Briefings, Reports and Complete Recordings of our Summits and Workshops.

Our summits are known for providing world class faculty of top CIOs, and Senior Technology, Innovation & Digital Executives. Each summit includes faculty members from leading companies, consultants and vendors in their area. Each year we host six Chicago area summits, based upon core themes of:

  • Technology Innovation & Digital Leadership
  • Digital Transformation
  • Customer Experience & Digital Marketing
  • Data Strategies
  • Emerging Technologies and Business Process Automation Strategies
  • Cyber Security & Risk Management.

For each summit we provide online:

  • Executive Briefings—We call these briefings Technology Innovation Briefings™. Each briefing is an executive Level briefing that provides a summary and highlights and insights from each event in 90 minutes.

  • Summit Insights Report™—We also include the briefing in printed report format combining an edited transcript of the briefing with the slides - allowing you to quickly flip through the presentation.

  • Complete Summit & Workshop Recordings—Finally, for those executives and their team members who want to watch specific presentations or complete events we host the complete recordings online.

The Online Education Portal continues to grow in value as we add more Summits, Briefings, Reports, Digital Leadership Segments and Peer Advisory discussions each month!  

Why do I include this free pass as a VIP Club benefit?

Naturally, I look for a percentage of people who try out the free trial to continue with a membership, but it’s also an easy way for us to help our VIP Club Members get access to specific summits or reports online.

A lot of people use the pass to share recordings of a summit they attended with their team, or watch a summit they missed, or download a report.  I’m happy to let you do this, as I know that a percent of the people who try out the service will eventually join.

Who is this pass for?

The free 90 day pass is for any currently employed CIO, or Senior Technology, Innovation or Digital Executive, Manager and above who would like to see more of our content online.

No vendors or consultants or in-transition please, for this offer. Qualified executives may accept this offer one time only. If you have previously accepted this offer, and would like to get started with the 90 Day Trial, fill out the form and we’ll be in touch to get you set up.

What Happens After the 90 days?

That’s totally up to you.  Naturally I would like you to continue with the program.  Here’s how that will work:

1.  First, we’ll set up a short demo and walk-through of the website and program with you.

2.  You’ll be given the User Name and Password at that time and you and your team will get started!  

3.  At the 60 day mark, we will check in with you to see if you would like to continue with the program after the 90 day mark or have any questions.

4. Cancel at any time during the 90 day trial period. If you decide to not continue the program, just let us know. No pressure, no worries!   If you cancel, you’ll still be a valued VIP Club member.

5. If you decide to continue, we’ll send you an invoice.  If you use a Credit Card you can just fill out the invoice and return. If you have your company pay with a check, you will just get the invoice processed and let us know.  

6. If you decide to continue AFTER the 90 day period, the membership fee for the program is $1000 per year or $97 per month (12 month initial commitment required if you choose to continue)  You’ll let us know which option you are choosing if you decide to continue.

7. Again - there is no obligation to continue the program after the 90 day period.

8. Register Today. There is no reason not to get started today!


Please fill out the form on the right and Maria will get you set up with your
walk- through demo and 90 day pass.
OR contact Maria Tuthill directly at 847-837-3900 x 1 or email

I hope you take advantage of this opportunity!

Best, Alex


YES! I would like to get started with my 90 day pass to the CIO Book Club™ and Online Education Program.

I confirm that I qualify for this offer, I agree to set up the walk-through demo to start the 90 day trial, and I understand I am under no obligation to continue after the 90 day period. I agree to be responsive during the process.

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