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Monday, February 24, 2020 
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Finally - A Book Summary program designed specifically for CIOs and Senior Technology, Innovation & Digital Executives
Try it free for 60 days!

From the Desk of Alex Jarett, CEO, Technology Executives Club® & Technology Innovation Institute™


As Executive Director of both our conference program and Peer Advisory Program, I’m constantly reading and learning about books specific to the needs of our CIO and Senior Technology, Innovation & Digital Executive community.

So it was a natural for me to start providing book summary presentations to members of our community. I searched for a program I could recommend to our members.  

But none of the leading book summary programs cover the books that WE wanted for our members.  

  • Books that cover the changing role of the CIO and the technology function.

  • Books that will help you drive corporate growth through Digital Transformation and Technology Innovation.

  • Books that help you become a better Digital Leader!

So that’s why I invented the CIO Book Summaries™, the only program specific to CIOs and Senior Technology, Innovation & Digital Executives.

I invite you to join the CIO Book Summaries™ program with a free, 60 day Trial!

The benefits of book summary programs are straightforward and easy to justify.

Here are the top three:

  • Get the main concepts to each book in less than an hour!

  • Keep up to date with the ideas of best selling authors

  • Catch up with classic books in the field

But what makes our program unique is that it is specific to the role of progressive CIOs and senior Technology, Digital & Innovation executives.

We focus on the books specific to your role!  

For example, here’s a few titles that we have already covered or will be adding shortly:

“Be the Business - CIOs in the New Era” by CIO Magazine writer Martha Heller “The New IT”  by Jill DychĂ©
“The CIO Paradox,” also by Martha Heller “The Innovator’s Dilemma”  by Clayton Christensen.


“The Transformational CIO: Leadership & Innovation Strategies in a Rapidly Changing World” by Hunter Muller


These are just five examples, but as you can see we tailor the selections specific to the role of the progressive CIO and Senior Technology, Digital & Innovation Executive.

Each month we add another book summary that will help you.

How the program works:

  1.  First, we select books that are relevant to your role.
    We combine our own research with the insights of our members to come up with titles that are relevant and will move you further in your journey.

  2. Each Month we create a summary.
    You can watch the summary presentation online, or listen to it with your MP3 player.  We will soon be adding short, written executive summaries as part of the deliverable.

  3. You log on, choose the summary and watch, listen or read!
    You have complete access to our online library, which grows in value every month!

But that’s not all.  As a bonus for being a Charter, first year member, I’m including access to our online Digital Leadership Program, which already includes recordings of all of our Summits and Workshops.  

Here are the Summits & Workshops already available to you:

    • Technology Innovation & Digital Leadership
    • Digital Transformation
    • Customer Experience & Digital Marketing
    • Data Strategies
    • Emerging Technologies and Business Process Automation Strategies
    • Cyber Security & Risk Management.

NEXT STEPS:  Register today for your free 60 day trial!

1.  Fill out the form, below.

2.  We’ll get you set up with a temporary username and password.

3.  At that point, we’ll also offer you an optional “walk through” demonstration.  You can either schedule that with us or choose to just use the Explainer Videos on the site.

4.  At the 6 week mark, we’ll just reach out to you and see if you would like to continue!  If you say yes, we’ll just send you a simple invoice and you can choose how you want to pay.  If you say no, we’ll keep your trial open until the 60 day mark is reached.

5.  When you decide to continue, you can choose between the annual option of $399, or the monthly option of $39.

6. There is no obligation to continue the program after the 60 day period, but we obviously believe that you will continue once you have an opportunity to see how valuable this program can be!

7. Register Today.


Fill out the form below, and Maria will get you set up with your 60 day pass. OR contact Maria Tuthill directly at 847-837-3900 x 1 or email

I hope you take advantage of this opportunity!

Best, Alex

YES! I would like to get started with my 60 day pass to the CIO Book Summaries™ I understand I am under no obligation to continue after the 60 day period. I agree to be responsive during the process.

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If you are director level and above you may qualify for our Peer Advisory Program, which adds a Virtual Board of Advisors, and a business matchmaking service to the CIO Book Summaries™

Questions? Contact Maria Tuthill by email at or phone Maria at 847-837-3900, ext 1






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