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Thursday, August 11, 2022 
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Virtual Peer Advisory, Online Executive Education, and Research

Mid-Market CIOs and Senior Technology, Digital & Innovation Executives

Upcoming Webinars

Virtual Seminar

Digital Transformation

Leveraging Cloud, As-A-Service & Digital Innovation to Drive Change

October 29, 2020


Virtual Seminar

leadership strategies for cios

Digital Leadership and Year End Budgeting & Portfolio Strategies For the New Normal

november 18, 2020


peer advisory program

A Virtual Board of Your Peers - For CIOs, VPs, Directors and Above

Get a Virtual Peer Advisory Board, connection service, urgent assistance service and team access to the TechnologyInnovationX™ online education portal.


online executive education

like a "Netflix® for CIOs!"

Get the strategies and insights about Digital Transformation, Technology Innovation & Digital Leadership from Over 185 CIO and Senior executive faculty members without having to spend $1000's or tens of $1000's to get them!



march 4, 2021

Intelligent Enterprise Summit

june 17, 2021

digital transformation & the intelligent enterprise

September 23, 2021

technology innovation & leadership

December 9, 2021

Emerging Technology Summit & 2022 Forecast

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